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As you can see "Outdoor Playground/Event Space" got the highest vote at 49% "Traditional Green at 34%. This represents 83% of respondents wanting an outdoor space to come and enjoy.


While not a formal scientific survey, it does provide some guidance.


Below is a visualization that was done in 2013 when the new fire/police complex was proposed.


Please Note:

This is not a formal plan in front of the Select Board or DRB, it is only meant as an illustration to give ideas of what is possible. 


  • There is a playground just behind the police station and a 'stage' located in the lower right.


  • It has a prominent sightline from the 116 intersection to view into the space, artwork and the stage.  Further, the old police station building adding buffer from the road.


  • Plenty parking on street and leveraging the lot behind the Fire Department which is envisioned as a park and ride.


  • "Traditional Green" was a solid second in the survey, there is no reason a Gazebo could replace the stage and the walkways and art are part of the plan.


  • Plenty of space for kids to throw a frisbee, kick a ball or just enjoy the day.  Further, in the very lower right behind the fire department parking lot, you could incorporate courts if so wanted.  


​I hope this invokes thought in people and generate ideas of what this space could be that we can all be proud of and enjoy.