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JEFF French

hinesburg selectboard 2019

THANK YOU HINESBURG!  I look forward to serving you!

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Meet Jeff


My family and I moved to Hinesburg in 2011. We love our town, our neighbors and our extended community.

I have been an active member of various town committees for the last six years.

I served as Chair of the Village Steering Committee and I have been a member of the Planning Commission for the last four years. Most recently I am serving as a representative on the Water-Wastewater Allocation Committee. 

I enjoy tackling complex issues and working in the details of creating policies and regulations to ensure Hinesburg retains it rural character and community and retains our quality of life.  I will continue to work for the community and ensure everyone’s diverse voices, concerns and points of view, are heard and respected.

Thank You for your time

and consideration. 

I'm asking your vote for the

Hinesburg Selectboard 2 year seat

on  March 5 2019!



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Not an exciting topic, but a critical issue impacting all Hinesburg residents.

New stricter State regulations, enacted to clean up Lake Champlain, is forcing upstream towns like ours to ensure our waterways meet reduced phosphorus and ammonia levels. 


Currently we just meet these new standards.  If left unchecked however, our waterways can easily be deemed as 'impaired ', which could result in fines from the State that can affect all taxpayers.

We must look at new technologies and be creative in our regulatory statutes, on larger sized developments, to ensure our waterways remain clear.


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